Objectives of the Society

The Dexter Cattle Society NZ Inc is governed by constitution, which is designed to help the maintenance and development of the breed.  The Objectives of the Society, within New Zealand, are to:

  • Promote Dexter Cattle
  • Set breed standards
  • Maintain a herd register for Dexter Cattle
  • Accredit judges for Dexter Cattle
  • Affiliate with other Dexter Cattle Societies overseas
  • Promote matters relating to cattle breeding and animal health
  • Carry out other activities consistent with the objectives of the Society



Mission Statement, Vision & Values for DCSNZ Council


To conduct and administer the business affairs of DCSNZ Inc in a professional manner and support promotion of the breed.


To employ best business practice in a unified manner to achieve our mission.


  • Excellence in teamwork
  • Be loyal, respectful and supportive towards fellow members of Council
  • Maintain integrity and honesty at all times
  • Communicate fully and openly in all discussions
  • Keep Council discussions and member interests confidential
  • Be a committed team member
  • Put the best interests of the Society ahead of your own
  • Accept decisions in good spirit and actively support their implementation
  • Maintain an open and approachable attitude towards all members of DCSNZ
  • Listen to member opinion and weigh it objectively